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How to Save on Sightseeing New York City Attractions

There are so many unique attractions, world-famous museums, theaters, and skyscrapers in New York. You always have plenty to do there. However, sightseeing in New York City might not be the easiest or the cheapest experience. One thing you can do to save time and money is using a New York Pass. new york city manhattan

How does the New York Pass work?
The New York Pass is a ‘smart card’ – like a credit card with a computer chip inside – which allows you completely cash free entry to over 40 New York tourist attractions including Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, New York Skyride, Madame Tussaud’s, Circle Line River Cruise, Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Madison Square Garden Tour, NBC Studio Tours, New York Aquarium and etc.
Once you’ve bought your New York Pass you don’t have to pay to get into any of the attractions covered by the pass and the more sights you see, the more money you save.

Simply show the attendant at a New York Pass attraction your card, they will swipe it through a special machine and you will be allowed entry. For the full list of New York City attractions where you can get in free with the NY Pass.

he smart card records when and where you first use your New York Pass, as well as how long the pass will remain valid. Your New York Pass is then valid for the number of days that you purchased – be it 1, 2, 3 or 7 days. It is important to note that a ‘day’ is based on a calendar day, so should you first use your pass at 4pm on Sunday, Sunday is counted as day one of your pass usage. The New York Pass is valid for use on consecutive days only. At the end of your validity period, the pass will expire and will no longer allow access to attractions.
If, for example, you used a three day pass for the first time on Monday, your pass will cease working at the end of Wednesday, regardless of how often you have used it in between.

As well as free entry, the New York Pass allows you to skip long lines at the busiest tourist attractions. Simply look for the New York Pass signs and show the attendant your New York Pass – they will swipe your card through the New York Pass machine and you will be allowed entrance.

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