Soccer Drills: 5 Simple Steps To The Basics

Lend me your ears even though you may differ with me on this. When it comes to Soccer drills, it is important that kids are first trained on the basic skills of the game so that they can get a feel of the game. This soccer training should take place before you begin coaching them on more complicated elements of the game or the right way of playing the actual game.

You as a coach must make it a point that players take their first step in the right direction. So teach them all the essential soccer skills that form the basis of the game. Discussed below are some basics of the game that every budding player must know.

Teach the players the skills of shooting and dribbling the ball: Players must first learn the two most basic techniques in soccer, dribbling and shooting. In order to be successful in the game, these skills play a defining role. However, you must arrange for teaching these soccer exercises before hand.

Starting from one end of the field put more than a few players over the field and line up all players in a straight line.

Fun Soccer Drills

Now signal the players to start. Running around the field, they would try to grab the ball by their feet as they dribble and shoot the ball in the goal located at the opposite end of the field. The players will improve on these two soccer drills soon after they continue practicing it on a regular basis.

Passing the ball and following directions: These two soccer skills have the potential to inculcate team spirit in the players. Soccer after all, is a team sport that should be shared equally between all teammates. It’ll be impossible for them to display team spirit if they don’t learn good quality passing skills or don’t understand simple directions.

There is a simple drill that can be used to teach them about passing the ball and following directions. At the start, the entire team should form a single line at either end of the field. At a distance of about 5-10 feet, any one player in the team should stand in front of that line.

When you give them a green signal, the first one in the row will try to get the ball from other players present on the field. When you tell them to stop, the player having the ball should pass it to the first individual in line. With the help of this soccer practice, players will learn to listen and also follow your directions.

Handling the Ball: Since you’re the coach, teach the players the skill to manage the ball with their feet and with other parts of their body as well. This has the effect of enabling the players to give a more spontaneous performance on field. An easy way for players to do it is by practicing to stop the ball with the back or bouncing the ball using knees or the head.

Soccer drills like these help in developing players that become match winners and make their way to learning more difficult components of the game. You can get a ready access to tons of such information relevant to the game of soccer by registering yourself with our youth soccer coaching community. So go ahead and become a member today.


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