Goran’s Football Preview

This week we have some great games coming up.

We have the Barcelona – Atletico game in Spain.

In Germany we have the two most attacking teams facing off – Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen.

What about the game in England,where City take on Liverpool in a game I do expect some nice football.

Of course, we should not forget the Athens derby between Olympiakos and AEK played in the Karaskaki stadium.

This is the weekend’s la liga preview.

Who ever you bet on this weekend have in mind that many teams have played a lot of games by now.
The Champions League teams and Uefa Cup teams must be tired by now.
Too many games in a small period of time can never come good.
We might see some tired legs out there.

Let’s take a look at la liga preview for the match that will be played in Catalonia between Barcelona and Atletiko.

My thoughts regarding the team from Madrid is that i think they are over performing so far.

They are good but they are not that good.
They have good players but they are not great players.
Like I said in my Atletico – Sevilla analysis.

For my previous la liga preview, take a look at soccer preview.

Atletico’s drop of form is just a matter of time.

Atletico come into this game after a nice win in the Champions League against Marseille.
But are they good enought to take on Barcelona away?
The coach Aguerre will most likely play his 4-4-2 system at Camp Nue with Aguerro and Sinamo playing rather deep.
Quick counter attacks and solid defending will be his plan.
Its simple,if you want something from Barcelona on their home ground then you need to score.
Barcelona wont leave a game played at home without scoring a goal.

I believe Atletico can suprise Barcelona in the play that they master very good.
Counter attacking football.
You see Barcleonas defensive back four line is not a the fastest one around.
While Atletiko have some very speedy attacking players.
Alreday mentioned Aguerro and Sinamo are not the only ones.
Maxi on the wing is also a player that like to run into space.

Guardiola the Barca coach will have to be careful.
If he dont want them famous white handkerchiefs coming out he better step up.
So far i must say he have done an ok job.
But he must build on this momentum.
Barcas cutting edge passing is not their yet,they need to bring that out.
Their defending is not on a level that it should be.

They came away with a scrappy win in Shaktar some days ago after once again being saved by the little magician called Messi.
They are so depended on him that it would be fair to call Barcelona Messilona many times.

We will see a fresh Messi in this game as he only played 30 minutes away to Shaktar.
Of course that did not stop him from scoring twice.
Messi who will face Pernia come Saturday night should reallytare him apart.
Pernia is a slow player that is not good in one on one situations.
Yellow card or red card must be a side bet in this came as it will be party time on that left flank of Madrid.

Barca will controll possession as they are they strongest team in the world when it comes to that.
Atletiko will keep their positioning and count the minutes.
They more that go by the better and then maybe snatch a counter attacking goal.

One thing for certian,Atletiko have left the #we are hopefull of a result# long time ago.
They come into this game confident of a result.

Goran Trpevski
soccer preview

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